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从2012年2月12日9点起,来自英国、香港、新加坡、马来西亚和澳大利亚的个人和组织将可以直接注册中国域名,使用.CN, .中国, .公司 和 .网络,而不需缴纳本地在地证明服务费。

从2012年2月12日9点起,来自英国、香港、新加坡、马来西亚和澳大利亚的个人和组织将可以直接注册中国域名,使用.CN, .中国, .公司 和 .网络,而不需缴纳本地在地证明服务费。根据CNNIC的审批流程,这些域名随后将解除server-hold状态,可以解析到网站并启用邮箱服务。位于新加坡的IP MIRROR宣布了这一新的活动。可能将引发两年多以来最大的.CN注册浪潮。


CNNIC在2010年1月封禁了中国个人与境外实体注册 .CN域名的通道。此前发起的“一元 .CN”使得.CN国别域下网站发展良莠不齐,极大地影响了中国国家域名的内容质量与权重。为了恢复.CN域名的权威性,CNNIC在2010年禁止了海外直接注册.CN域名。自那时起,活跃的.CN网站数量大幅度下降。

新政策下,境外.CN申请人需要提交相关的文件以完成注册。IP MIRROR的活动仅针对英国、新加坡、马来西亚、香港和澳大利亚的居民和组织。

延伸阅读:IP MIRROR活动宣演全文

Active China Domain Names Available for Overseas Registrants! Get Yours Now!

With effect from Monday 13 Feb 2012, 09:00 hrs (GMT +8), individuals and organisations registered in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Australia will be able to directly own China domains including any level .CN, .中国, .公司 and .网络. without subscribing to any Local Presence service. Upon passing CNNIC’s auditing process, these domain names will be allowed to resolve to active websites and email addresses by removal of server-hold status.

For parties who do not require resolvable domains, Local Presence (LP) service for other countries will continue to be offered, and domain names registered under LP service will remain unresolved (i.e. no website or email service).

With this new policy in place, new registration orders from entities registered in China will be temporarily suspended till further notice, and we will endeavour to resume this service as soon as possible. For urgent or special cases in this category, please contact your account manager & we will try our best to assist.

Register your China domains with IP MIRROR – FIRST IN THE WORLD to offer resolvable China domain names to Registrants in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Australia

Requirements for registration of resolvable domain names for entities located outside China:

Applicants under this new scheme will be requested to submit the following:

Registrant business registration number
Identification (ID) number of the contact person. Contact ID provided must be identical to data provided in Registrant Contact field for the respective domain name.
Scanned coloured copy of the Registrant’s business certificate in .jpg format, max. file size 500KB
Scanned coloured copy of the contact person’s ID, in .jpg format, max. file size 500KB
Scanned coloured copy of Letter of Commitment, in .jpg format, max. file size 500KB
Valid ICP Number if websites are hosted in servers located in China
Domain names registered by foreign entities can be activated for live sites after having passed CNNIC’s auditing. These sites are expected to remain compliant to CNNIC policies governing website contents throughout their lifetime or risk suspension by CNNIC if discovered to be non-compliant at any time.

All registration rules for China Domain Names apply. For more details please study Country Rules | China accessible in your account.

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